Saturday, 4 December 2010

parents' day November 2010

Parents day
Parents day is celebrated in the Stars’land grammar school every year. It provides an opportunity for the children to express their best wishes and appreciation for parents and respect their efforts in bringing them up. parents day provides a chance to recognize and promote parenting as a central vocation for our communities and families. It is an occasion to make an statement about what should be our priorities to promote our society. It is a chance to create a positive tradition based on the realities of life. As it is a fact that role of a parent is vital in looking after the children, therefore requires investment,focus’and commitment.
Parents in the Stars’land school needed to know more about their responsibilities as parents. Apart of other occasions parents are invited once to the school to participate in the parents day program. The well educated community leaders’ and retired teachers in the village are also invited in the program. The program starts with different items performed by the school children. Parents realize that how much improvement has been brought in the students’ learning process.
The leaders of the community make parents feel their responsibility by their speeches in the last session of the program. The parents are send the video records of the program. In this way change is observed in the Booni region. More people are interested to educate their children in the public schools. Majority of the parents are involved in the agree culture sector and have not been able to improve their life style. The parents day program brings awareness among the parents and every year parents participate in the program and make commitment to help their children and cooperate the school for the better future of their new generation.
Students in the Stars’land school perform on the occasion in the presence of their parents and feel proud. The students start the program with welcoming speech by one of the school students. The first item is Hamd( praising Good and the prophet Muhammad)Mili Naghma (the national songs)Urdu song, and the Qawali usually about the issues of students. Talk show and hard talk is presented by the students. In the end of the first session a stage show is played on the stage and it is the most interesting part of it.
In the second session the principal high light the achievements and issues about schooling and educated people address the parents and try to convince them to know about their responsibilities and how to fulfill them.
Preparations for the program starts earlier. When the children are prepared to do what is needed. Not only parents attend the program. The majority of attendees usually are the community members. parents day in the stars’ land is a great event and is celebrated with great pump and show.
We have observed great achievements from such programs. Students with week performance in the exam achieve confidence by participating in different activities and feel that they also have extra qualities and boost up as a well behaved student. Students help the school staff to manage the program and learn how to organize such programs. The students learn how to deal with parents and the participants that improves their social skills.