Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Thursday, 4 March 2010

snow fall brings defficulty in schooling

Earth quack destroyed our school boundary wall.

Earth quack causes the most serious disaster in chitral. After the disastrous earth quack occurred in 8th October 2005 in the northern Pakistan, the after shocks were felt in chitral as well for at least thousand times. In the result many houses were either partly or fully
Damaged. Chitral as being, the most remote area, is deprived from any help in the national and international level. Mostly in chitrali constructions are made from mud breaks. Falling of too much snow, following earth quack is the most dangerous period to bring disaster in the region.
The pity is when any building is effected once due to the above mentioned reasons, than it becomes difficult to recover for it. The same situation happened in the stars’ land Grammar school Booni in 3rd march 2010.An earth quack finally demolished the boundary wall of the school. Apart of the boundary wall, the creaks in the wall of the class rooms indicate the threats further. The children are in the school for at least five hours daily. The school has been doing well to impart education to the financially lower class of the community of upper chitral.Our students pay little money as their tuition fee, after making it delayed for months and even years. The boundary wall need to be built as soon as possible, whenever the weather permits. Please help us to rebuilt the boundary wall and save our children from all hazardous