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chitrali fiction

Zumbul and Zerbali (chitrali fiction)

To day was the wedding of Zumbul.while zumbul was being departed from her father’s house, due to the love and affection with his daughter, her father karim, was shedding tears. In spite of controlling on his emotions, he could not hide the tears of love and affection for his daughter zumbul. To avoid from participants in the wedding he had put the handkerchief on his eyes. He took the way straight to the inside of the house. Those who were around him, noticed that, karim had gone through the situation, which was not only a sensational movement, but was intolerable, when one’s only daughter is departed for ever from the house, where she was born and brought up, now was going to live separately, and was going to start a new life. Every body was neither sad nor do happy, to see the tears in the eyes of zumbul’s mother, for she was going to miss her daughter, who, she had supposed a part of her heart. Now after whenever she comes to her house, she would be supposed as a stranger, and treated as a guest. Whenever it happens, the house seems empty, and people in the house feel missing the daughter who leaves the house. The same conditions were of the people in karim’s family.

Congratulation, my son; God blessed you daughter. Twelve years later, these words came to his memory, after a long time. Having no any child, when first time he had heard about the news of the newly born baby, he had felt, as if he was given the Kingdome, with an empire. He went to the roof of his house, and started firing, in the air with an old gone, at least for more than seven times. Than his parents stopped him, otherwise he would have gone for more times. His naighbours, and relatives started started coming, on this occasion for many days. In this way he had the accompany of every body. His house had a gargle of guests for many days.
After, when he had the daughter, he interred in to a new world, He gave his full love and affection to his daughter, and Zumbul was brought up under the kind care of her father. God blessed sons to him, but that did not decrease the immense love of her father.
When zumbul was seven years old, Karims closed friend Hasil khan came to hime, and asked him for zumbul’s hand for his son Zerbali. Zerbali was of the same age of zumbul. Karim was in deep thought for a while. Zerbali was interested, in this relationship with karim, therefore wanted to know the opinion of his friend karim, who was not in the position to decide it quickly, because he had dreamed about his daughter highly. He could not refuse, because of his friendship, and justified himself, saying that now both are too young, therefore better to wait for a few more years. He was surprised on how the days had passed so quickly. He was sad to feel that he would miss her one-day, soon or later.
Two years later Hasil khan died. Karim remained grieved for a long time. Zerbali was suffered in the very young age. Now karim wanted to make zerbali and his mother to forget it.
When two years passed after the death of Hasil khan, one day the uncle of Zerbali came to karim, from behalf of Zerbali’s mother’ with a massage of the marriage of zumbul with his nephew Zerbali.He added, if it was made possible, it would help Zerbali to start his life with hope again. Karim had no question to refuse because he had considered it, his prime responsibility to fulfill the promise, which he had made with his friend Hasil khan rather great opportunity to support the family of his friend.
The wedding of zumbul was arranged with great affection. The people thanked karim for his very respect for his friend. Zerbali was very pleased over his merriage, and started life with great care of his wife zumbul.the whole family, including the mother of Zerbali was well wisher of zumbul, and never showed any weakness in taking care of zumbul The mother-in-law always Wished to see her happy. She was more carrying her daughter-in-law rather herself.
Thus four years passed like five seconds, zumbul was happy with her husband, she supposed that house as her heaven. Zumbul was not given any chance to miss her parent’s family. Every time she was send too many gifts from behalf of her parents, and others in the family. In brief life of zumbul was a bed of roses. Where the flowers groom, one day the cold breeze also blow. Suddenly life took turn here.
After six years of the merriage, a day also came, when her father karim came under the anger of the ruler of the time. He lost every thing, what he had achieved due to his close friendship with nobles and to his closeness with the ruler. By the time people also changed their perception towards the suffered family. Whenever he went to visit to some place, a packet of people used to be his accompany, as his courtiers and friends. Now nobody was ready to greet him while passing by. Karim was distressed, and disappointed by the behavior of those, for those, he was once, very repectable. Even Zerbali and people of his family took away themselves, and showed their back, and never bothered to know about karim. Zerbali was also changed. Once he used to visit his father in-law at least once in a week. Whenever due to some reason, he could not go to see his father-in-law, sending gifts to his wife’s house was usual. Now Zerbalibali, not only stopped sending guifts, but also, never visited Karim. The mistrust, and hatred started prevailing towards karim’s family from behalf of his close relatives. Even zumbul could not visit her father’s house ever. Karim first time missed his daoughter, and also zumbul was getting frustration, due to have been missing her parents since long time. She had realized that the members of Zerbali’s family had lost interest towards her. Their dealing with her had come to the formality, and she was feeling every thing opposite of her perception. Zerbali led the situation towards the worst due, to his being disorder, in every regard, because he was all an all in his family. He had lost his father two years ago, and nobody was responsible for his actions. Whenever some body tried to advice him, that made his mother annoyed.
Before Zerbali, and his mother used to listen, and act upon, what Zerbali would suggest, this time it was not like this, rather Zerbali and his mother started arguments. That made Zerbali more upset now. In The result Zerbali could not continue his studies, and left the school. His job was to round in the village, for all the time. During this time he joined the company of useless people. By passing time somewhere, he started coming lately to his home in the nights.
When zumbul realized that her husband has got the habit of coming his home, in the late hours, she told her mother in-law. Her mother in law rather to control her son, blamed her, to be impudent. O, karim; s daughter, better to control your tongue. Who are you to blame my son? She uttered all the words, she could remember. She kept on coursing, see your face in the mirror; nobody would compare you with my son. You are nothing .For the first time in her life, she heard these words from her, mother in-law. She was not able to control her tears. She straight went in to the house and laid herself on the cut and was inundated in thoughts. No body had spoken such words to hear before. What had happened to these people? That why they had gone crazy about her, that she had spoken these unexpected words to her. While she was thinking about the bed fortune, which had come to her. She happened to see in the dream; a big python was going to attack on her, saying that it would not let her go. Suddenly she was awakened, what she sees, Zerbali, worried in anger, saying that karim’s daughter, why you have complained to my mother about my misdeeds.

Zerbali started beating her, while she was not fully wakened. She felled down and lost her conscious, Zerbali left her alone, unconscious and went out. When she came in conscious, she remembered each and every thing. She did not believe, that her loving husband would treat her in this way. They both had grown up, playing together, and had great love and respect for each other. She did not know the reason, of the misconduct of her husband Zerbali. She considered it her own mistake, and committed not to say any thing, against the temper of her husband. She made a poultice of flour and used her shawl as bandage and came to her bedroom. No body was willing to speak with her. She took a cup of tea, and sat with her mother-in-law for some while, but she was not going to attend her. When she was despaired, decided to go in to the house and take rest again.
The next day when zumbul wakeup, she found every member of the family turned as her enemy. No body was greeting her, and never treated her as a member of the family.
Zerbali left her helpless, and never greeted her. The days passed in this way. The house was like as prison to her, and she was being treated as a person, who has committed great sin recently. The nights became darker to her, and days, as the days of the hell.
Soon after her beautiful face started fading, and she lost her charm like a flower loses its color, when cold wind blows in the late autumn. Though she was living with many people, but always felt herself all alone. She had no accompany, but her tears. Whenever any thing pained her, appeared in her eyes in the shape of tears. She found no way out except to shed her tears, for satisfaction.
One day when karim, realized that no one paid a visit to him from his daughters house, decided to visit himself to visit his daughter. When he saw his daughter, he didn’t believe that it could be his daughter. A feeble and weak zumbul was waiting for the days to be released from the ruthless claws of Zerbali. Karim was surprised to see her condition Karim asked that what had happened to her. She said, nothing, but was ill for some time. When karim asked from the mother of Zerbali, she was not interested to say any thing.karim was realized by the sarcastic way of dealing for the first time.
O old women, why have you mad this condition of my daughter? But Zerbali’s mother replied each question in the way, which gave clear idea to karim that he had lost the respect, which he had since the days of his fried Hasil khan.
After few days the news spread in the village, that Zerbali felled in love with a young girl in the village.zumbul was helpless and more worried. Hearing the news, karim took his daughter to his house. After a couple of days Zerbali happened to marry the girl, who was his beloved. Karim was completely upset on what Zerbali proved himself. He found all his longings died. According to the tradition and custom of the area, Zerbali tried to make his father-in-law karim agree, but karim was too hard to come down to compromise. According to the tradition a hoarse was presented to karim for the compensation of the insult, but karim refused, saying that He would not ride on the horse of humiliation. He send a massage to Zerbali that he would not give any harm to Zerbali for the sake of the honor of his friendship with his friend Hasil khan, but his daughter would stay with him for ever, and no any family relations would remain ever.
Zumbul passed five years with her family, but these five years seemed five centuries. Though she had received love and affections from her parents, but it could not heal her wound. though she was served in great care, but day by day her health broke down, and finely zumbul’s days of life remained in number.
Zumbul had lost her days, and nights in disappointment from Zerbali .By the time while Zumbul was dieing, Zerbali was in rejuvience.each. Each day was the day of Eid. Zumbul was not any more existing in his life. But where there is peace and tranquility, one day the cold wind starts blowing. Time came when one of the daughters of Zerbali died due to cholera. The death of his daughter brought a tremendous impact on his health. The people tried to make him forget this incident.
One night what he sees in the dream, was telling his story to a sant.the saint replied, Brother when your daughter dies it makes you so much worried. Have you ever thought about a person? Who is nearly to death due to you? Zerbali woke up, and found himself guilty and remorseful from the way he had treated his wife. When he remembered all that he felt himself unfaithful, and started hating himself. He had treated his wife unjustly, and missed his daughter, therefore could not forget and forgive himself, therefore suffered from frustration day by day.
One day morning he woke up and took the way to his wife’s house without informing any body in his family. When he reached the house, saw many people in graveyard near the house. Some people were leading to karim’s house. On his asking, some body told him that karim’s daughter zumbul died last night, and was buried there. A close witness told the story, while dying she had only one word, Zerbali, and one of her eyes didn’t set till the last. Hearing this Zerbali felled down, and a sudden vomiting of blood made him unconscious. When woke up, found himself on her bed. All his relatives were gathered around his bed. He said in lower voice, where is zumbul? Then again lost his sense.
The days started passing in this way. Whenever he came in to conscious, asked about his zumbul,then lost his sense.
There was no cure of his disease. One day when he came in to his sense, he saw, his mother sat near the pillow of him, weeping. He looked at his mother for a while and said mother what can you get now? You spoiled me by your own. Now I cannot be recovered, and I don’t need to be recovered. If I die soon my soul might find my zumbul soon, and I may get satisfaction. He never come to sense again, and the material affairs did not let zumbul and Zerbali to get together, now got to gather spiritually in the eternal peace.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Situation in Chitral

Modern researchers on climate say that global warming has caused climate changes. The dire consequences are unexpected rain fall, and snow fall, would bring disaster in different parts of the world. The recent snowfall in the whole chitral district has brought great disaster in the area, taking lives of more than 40 peoples, including children and women. Houses were demolished in different places, and people are reported to be dead in various villages, but the most tragic event was the disaster of village wasich, in torkhow tehsil. It happened when a big piece if avalanche came over the village, which is comprised twenty-six households. That happened in the middle of the night. No any support was made possible from behalf of the govrnment, and any other organizations. The bed weather and continuous rain was the cause of every thing. A heavy rainfall, and than snowing, has destroyed the roads to very where. Than a sever earthquake did the work. The electric wires were broken, and it may take at least three weeks to release the electricity to the whole area. The road to chitral town is blocked in two places. The stones have come down to the road, and somewhere there is no sign of it, but due to the modern machineries it is expected to be released within within a week again.
We tested the hundred years old time. We found even no candles in the bazaar. No carouseen oil was available. Even no diesel or petrol is available. The snow was more than 30 inches.
According to the aged people, such a heavy, rainfall, following the snowfall had never been happened, in the month of April. This happened when people had not enough fooder, for the animals. The cattle houses were wet and the roofs sat down. The houses are usually made on mud, thus life was in risk. Many people survived from such a situation.
After two days, the AKRSP helicopter, and the pack army helicopter started flights to the damaged areas, and helped the effected people.

At least each household was affected in this very panic situation. Now every thing is expensive to buy in the bazaar. The electric line has been mended up to booni, and we are lucky to have electricity again.
The weather in booni is very lovely. We have apricot blossoming in booni now. The wheat crops are green and fresh.again.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Letters from starsland Grammar school to their friends in the Potlmend school uk

Dear friend
How are you . we hope you are in good health. To day in this letter we want to tell you about your questions.
1. how many people live in booni?
Ans there are more than 8thousand peoples live in booni. In each houses there are 10 to 20 members lived together. The populition of booni is increasing day by day to a very high the case the land become decrease.The people of other pleases come in booni for education and for job. In this way the population is increase.
2 does it have a main centre?
Ans yes booni is main center of sub division mastuj which is situated in the north of booni. It is 60 km away from booni.booni has too many villages. In booni there are many schools, hospitals ,offices like blso , akrsp. There are many private schools for grils and boys. There are also post office.other people out of booni like mastuj parwak awi etc comes to booni for seeking knowledge and for jobs.
3 how for is booni from the nearest town and what is the name of the town?
Ans chitral is the nearest town of booni. It is 75 km away from booni there many villages situated between booni and chitral. Chitral is a very beatifull place with high mountains. It has a large number of population.
4 how to people travel in the valley ?
Ans in 50 years ago the ancient peoples used to use or ride on horses and donkey for traveling. But now a days man has able to discover such kind of vehicles which changed the style of traveling. Now a days peoples used such kind of vehicles like car, bicycle, motors, and buses which make the condition of peoples well. Due to such kind of discoveries man can able to travel faster.
5 How long does it take to get to the nearest big town?
Ans it take tow or three hours to get to the nearest big town because there is no tilted roads.
6 what sorts of jobs do most of the people do in booni ?
Ans there are many sorts of job most of the people do in booni. People of booni work in every fields of life.some are doctors, some are teachers some are bankers some are shopkeepers.
7 does every body who lives in boni work there?
Ans no the all people of booni does not live in booni. Some are works in big cities for the purpose of jobs. We can give you a surprise that the people of booni also worked on foreign countries.


Dear friends
How are you?
To day we want to tell you about your questions.
How does the land effct s farming in the area?
The land effects farming due to increase in population,and the land decrease and due to building more houses in every year effects farming in the area.
What crops do we grow?
Our village soil is very fertile ,that is why every kind of crops are grown in the area.
Are certain types of farming carried out in certain part of the land?
Yes cetain type of farming are carried out in certain parts of the land.
What does a typical house in booni look like?
A typical house in booni look a square.It has one big funnel in the middle of a roof and has one door. It is made up of mud breaks ,stones and wood. The walls are supported by at least ten pillers. It has a wood store inside the house, sitting place in the center, cooking in the center, and in both sides of the house are beds for sleeping.
What are the houses made of?
The houses are made up of mud breaks ,woods .stones and cement some times.the roof is made of wood and tins.the floor is mud ,or cemented.
Do all the houses in booni have an electric suply?
Yas all the houses in boni has electricity, no house have been seen without electricity.
How is electricity made?
There is a hydro electric power station in Reshun village14 km down to booni. The power station is made by german company in the recent years, it provides electricity to the wole chitral district.

Thank you
From waseem, hyder and sabir hussain.

Dear friends
How are you?
To day we want to tell you about your questions
How often does it snow in booni?
In winter season there often snow in booni. When it snow the weather become very cold. In this season we wear warm cloths. In one month snow falls three or four times.
When does it usually snow?
It usually snow from december to this month snow falls too much. Then after,from march to may the rain is starts. In 2004,october we get snow too much. In this year our houses,trees and all thing has been destroyed.
How much snow do we get?
We get snow about three to four feets. Every area covered with snow and the sun disapp ear.
How does the snow effect peoples live in booni ?
The snow effects many peoples live in booni very badly. In snowy season we have to face many problems. In this weather the water can not come in our tap because of cold weather. Snow effect the road also and the vehicles can not travels in this times.
What are the tempeature like in summer?
In summer the temperaure is above 35-degree centegrate in summer every things become green. Every people like this beacause of it beauty. In summer every things are rippen. In this the tourists come here and enjoy it beauty.
What are the tempeature like in winter?
In winter the tempeature is about minus 0 to-3 degree centegrate. In winter we eat dry summer time we have to collects all things for winter,e.g, fruits, woods andmany other things.

From ;Shaista, Nadia and Rukhasana

Dear friends
how are you.
Today we are writing you the answers of your questions.
How does the land effect farming in the area?
In every year the population of booni is increasing and the land is decreasing, and too many houses builts every year in booni due to decreasing of land, thus the land effect farming in the area.
What crops are grown in the area?
In booni every kinds of crops are grown, because the soil of booni is fertile and plenty of water is available in booni. The main crops of booni are rice, wheat, maize and kidney been etc.
Are animals kept by the farmers, if so what sort?
Yes, the farmers of booni kept many kinds of animals, for example, goat, sheeps, cows, bullocks and horses etc.
Are certain types of farming carried out in certain parts of the land?
Yes certain types of farming carried out in certain parts of the land. If the soil is fertile then we can get good crops from the land.
What does a typical house look like in booni?
In a typical house of booni there are three or four rooms. There are four pillar in the house to support the roof. In the middle of the roof is one big funnel.
What are the houses made of?
The houses of booni are made of many things ,such as the walls are made of stone and mud bricks, the roof is made wood and tin, and the floor is made of cements.
Do all the houses have an electricity supply?
Yes, all the houses have an electricity supply, because there is an hydro electric power station in Reshun. A village near booni.
How is the electricity made?
We have an electric power station in Reshun, in this power station , there is abig tubine, with the help of water the turbine produce electricity.

With thanks
Safdar Ali, Mir sahib jan and siraj Ali

Dear friend
How are you?
In our letter we are going to inform you about the wheater
How often does it snow in booni?
In booni the weather is very cold in winter. In the first week of December its begin to snow. Its keep snowing till February. In three months electricity is not available in our these three months we have to face many problems.
When does it usually snow?
Its often snow in winter season , for example, December, January,and February.
In these three months it snow very heavely, and in the month of march it began to rain and our houses began to leaking . in our village our houses are made of mud and wood so that our house are leaking in raining weather.
How much snow do we get?
We get three to four feet snow in winter season. in winter season we can not come to school and our school remains close for two months.
How dose the snow effect people lives in booni?
The snow creates many problems for the people of booni. Snow perishes our crops. We have very poor electric line so that electricity is not available in winter. in winter season the roads are blocks, due to heavy snow fall we have to face many problems for traveling from one place to another. cold effect many diseases ,such as fever and flue.
What are the temperature like in summer?
The temperature in summer is very beautiful, and mind blowing. the temperature in summer is 30 to 35 degree. the summer season is very hot so that the wet clothes become dry within five minutes, we enjoy the summer season as compare to winter season.
What are the temperature like in winter?
The temperature in winter season is cold and breezy. the temperature in winter season is minus 0 to minus 15 degree centigrade.

Good bye

Friday, 9 March 2007

Action Research in the stars'land school booni

Action Research plan

By syed Muzafar Hussain

Problem: why do class 7 students not have good reading habits?

Reading is considered one of the central dimensions of the learning process. We learn from our environment, books alongside other learning materials. All these resources contribute to the enhancement of our knowledge. Many school teachers have observed that students do not adopt particular reading habits. There is a lack of awareness about the many important benefits of reading, especially regarding the improvement of their knowledge.

I teach social study and English in class 7, I also noticed the same situation in my class, therefore to find out the root causes of this problem I selected class 7 students in my school for my research study. My aim was to trace out the reasons for a lack of interest in reading, thereby allowing me to improve the learning habits of my students.

Aims and Objectives
The purpose of this study is to explore the techniques required to motivate class 7 students to adopt, both directly and indirectly, the types of reading habits that will have positive benefits for their education in the most broadly conceived manner. There is a need for great attention to be invested in this important educational issue. As educationalists we hope that the students will realize the importance of the benefits of reading for the enhancement of their knowledge and understanding. Students should adopt reading habits with the aim of enjoying reading rather than conceptualizing it as a burden

Significance of the study
This issue is not a central issue only for my school, but for schools across the Chitral region. If strategies are successfully applied in my school which brings positive changes to the behavior of my students, then the findings of the study can be useful for other schools in chitral as well, not least because it has been a common issue in most of the schools in the area. It will not only enhance my own understanding but other teachers can also be helped related to the same issue.

Research question
 How can I help students of class 7 in my school, improve their reading habits?

Subsidiary questions
 What type of activities are the students engaged in to enhance their reading habits?
 Why the students do not have reading habits?
 What strategies can be helpful to develop the reading habits among the students?


This study aims to develop reading habits among the students. I think the best way to achieve this target is to deploy action methodology. First, I shall make plan, act accordingly, observe it and reflect on tenuous points during my research.

I shall make groups of different students and assigned them various reading activities. I shall give them books to read at home and ask them to write down some interesting points from the books. Students will be encouraged to collect informations from the books they have read. Students will be allowed to select books of their own interest. Use of the library will be open for all. Students will not only be given task to do at home to improve their reading, but at school they will also be taught different techniques including, reading practice, sessions to discus the content of the given text and cooperative learning method will be adopted in order to encourage the students to become good readers.

The research study will be carried out in my own school named stars’land Grammar school Booni. Research will be conducted on the students of class 7; the whole class will be involved in the process. The main factor to choose this class is - this is the most senior class in the school, withen three years time will their secondary exam and take admission in the high secondary classes, therefore the habit of reading will be helpful for them if it was adopted early age.

Entry Negotiation
Field work will be started after negotiations with the students of class 7th. I shall also share my research plan and research schedule with them and take their signs on consent forma for the research purpose.

Data gathering tools
I shall use the following tools for the data collection purpose.
 Observation
 Interviews
 Field Notes
 Reflective Journals
 Document Analysis

I shall observe the students reading skills, one before each study and at least five times after implementation of the plan. I shall observe the class twice in a week.

I shall take interview from each student, one before the implementation and the rest after the action plan. The interviews will focus on the reading set to the students, their understanding of the texts they have read, and importantly the modes of enjoyment they experience during the reading of the books.

Field notes

Field notes provide important information. Thus, students will be observed when reading their books in the class and the actions of the students will be noticed and noted down.

Reflective journal
Teacher’s personal not book or diary can be used to reflect on field notes in order to find out proper ways for the revise plan, thus, all teachers involved in the process will be asked to keep a personal diary during the course of the project. This would also help while writing the report in the end of the research period.

Document analysis
Weekly and monthly tests will also be conducted in the schools: these tests will be designed to explore the level of understanding of the students. I shall analysis those documents in order to their validity as data.

Data analysis procedure
Data analysis will be a continuous process through out my research study. I shall go through this data in order to find out the results of the action taken during the study.

Ethical considerations
The whole research plan will be discussed with the research participants. I shall not disclose any details concerning my research participants. During this period of the research the data will be used for the research purpose only. Instead of real names pseudonyms of the research participants will be used.Concent forms will be filled and signs of each of the research participants will be taken.

Time line for action research

S.No Activity Time line Remarks
1. Entry negotiation The 2nd two weeks of march 2007 Students, parents and staff will be informed about the research study.
2. Reconnaissance 15 march to 30 march 2007 An interview will be conducted in order to know about their activities at homes. Time table will be managed for their activities at home.
3. Data collection process march15– 2005 to 15th april-2007. During this period lesson planning, action, observation interviews, discussions field notes, document analyzing and strategies will be applied.
4. Data analysis and writing. April 16 – 2007 to 1st may 2007. After 16 april 2007 data will be analyzed, and report writing will take place. The first draft will be shared with the concerned supervisor in PDCC.
5. Submission of Action Research Report. 1st may 2007. Final paper will be submitted in PDCC.

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Welcome, dear reader.

Jam has been operational for almost a year now, and we thank everyone who has helped and expressed an interest in this time.

We have already raised a significant sum of money through the sale of rugs from Booni and Parwak here in Scotland (e-mail for details or watch this space for online catalogue), from running a cafĂ© at a local market in Kippen, the sponsorship of participants in sporting events, and a number of personal donations. These funds will provide Star’s Land with a library and science facilities.

What a difference we can make with a relatively little money by supporting Star’s Land and we are looking forward to making much more difference in the future.