Friday, 27 November 2009

We are back in the saddle

Dear readers, we are back after a little long time to operate our website once agains and to update you all with fresh information on education in Chitral in general and Stars'land grammar school in particular.

You know well that we are struggling with our sort of difficulties in pursuing standard education for the less income earning families in village Booni, northern Pakistan. You also know the fact that our mission is not merely to enhance the curricular capacities of the students in the area, but also to develop the extra-curricular side of their live as well. We feel that without grooming up these aspects of life of an individual, it is less likely that he/she will be a useful, sensible and responsible individual at present time.

Please visit our website: and then visit 'Muzafar Page' in order to know more about Chitral and the education system there. The website contains rich information on everything about Chitral and the entire region.

We would like your kind help in the field of education for the education of poor families in the area.